About Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax is the first fax solution of its kind in South Africa utilising Fax over IP technology that works all the time. With a proven track record in all sectors of the market; Virtual Fax is a must for any business.

Virtual Fax to e-mail vs. 086 Fax to e-mail.

Cost: Sending a fax to a 086 fax to e-mail will cost the sender R1.60 per minute (three times the cost of a normal Telkom call). Sending a fax to a Virtual Fax 087 number will cost the sender 57c per minute (same as a normal Telkom call).

Security: Virtual Fax allows users to log into their Fax server platform at any given time to retrieve and view faxes.

E-mail to Fax.

Virtual Fax users can now send faxes directly from their e-mail without any additional software required. For R159.00 per month for unlimited users and per second billing on all faxes sent, clients can now truly enjoy cost savings regarding their fax operation and utilisation.


Clients can port their existing fax number from their current provider to Virtual Fax at a once off cost of R220.00 per number and change their existing fax number into fax to e-mail without changing the number. Once the number is ported the line can be cancelled with the current provider which allows for another cost saving.


FaxBox converts any MFP device to a Virtual Fax component which allows all the benefits of Virtual Fax to be experienced on the client’scurrent MFP device.

Virtual Fax – Call rates.

Destination Telkom Charge Virtual Fax charge
Telkom geographic 57c per minute (billed per minute) 52c per minute (billed per second)
0866 / 0865 fax to e-mail R1.60 per minute (billed per minute) R1.15 per minute (billed per second)
Virtual Fax 57c per minute 28c per minute (billed per second)

Virtual Fax – Setup Fee.

Description Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Single User Fax R 175,00 R 50,00
SME Fax R 450,00 R 159,00
Corporate Fax (50+users) R 3 150,00 R 235,00
FaxBox Purchase R 2 500,00 R 89,00
FaxBox Rental R 450,00 R 189,00
Per Additional Branch None R 159,00